The Pleasures Of Eating

The pleasures of eating, here Berry talks about the act of eating and the consumer habits. Here when people buy something they mostly look at the price tag and not the actual product. Here when people think a little more into it they are coined as passive consumer. They really don’t care about their food that much to begin with. They really don’t mind how it is grown or transferred to their plate or anything like wise. They are consumer with an “I don’t, how and what reaches my plate, until it reaches my plate it is alright” attitude. They could be called as the irresponsible consumer to an agriculture stand point. They don’t have much preference to whether the food that they consume is local or organic or anything of such. This is largely due to lack of educating the consumer about the food that they consume, and he also talks about why this is other reason to label the food item isle.

Whereas the active consumers are people who really care about their food these are people who buy locally and have knowledge about their food. These are the people who know the chemical that goes into the conventional farming and their neighbor’s food. They know their farmer, they know their food, and they know what they are eating.

This article was important t me because it showed me what kind of a consumer I was, and my part in the food system. This article also gave me insight of my role and how I can make it better.

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